Upgrading to WordPress 2.5? Read this first!

This Saturday, the first stable wordpress 2.5 was finally released. After some delays and two beta release candidates, wordpress as reached another new level. I could mention the new features that come with the new version, and how awesome the new control panel was, but i won’t do that. First, im not in the mood […]

Showing Top Commentators

I have recently installed the plugin Show Top Commentators. I have configured this plugin to show the top 5 commentators of the month for now. This is another cool tool to stimulate blog participation by visitors. Besides the do follow link on the comment, you will get featured on the plugin if you manage to […]

New Blog Design and Considerations

Good evening fellow bloggers! This has been a busy day for me. I have spent the last hours configuring the new design for the blog and updating the wordpress version of this blog. A new version of the wordpress 2.5 has been released. It is in the RC-2 Version now. Still in beta though. But […]

From where do you get ideas for mini sites?

By this time, we all know that if we want to create mini sites, we need to do some keyword research to find a niche where it is possible to easily compete with other existing sites. (if you don’t know how to do keyword research then you should read my mini site creation series Part […]

Find yourself a confortable workbench to blog

Blogging activity requires that you write posts with a certain comfort level. Think like this: you don’t like to stay in front of your computer, or watch tv in an uncomfortable chair or sofa. Even less if you are working on your office or at home. I consider blogging a part time job, and i […]

I have bought BuildaNicheStore!

I decided it was time to spend some of the money earned and went on a “buying spree” this month! So. if i look at my earning stats this month they are in the deep red! ouch! But you know, in order to make money, you have to spend some. SO what i have done […]

Privacy Policy WordPress Plugin

In a previous post, i have shared with you, a free privacy policy generator, because of the recent google adsense TOS change. Now, it is time to show you a nice wordpress plugin that ads a privacy policy to your blog. The plugin is available from the Synclastic blog, and it is simple to use. […]

Feng-gui.com: What are people looking at?

I have found this site (don’t remember where sorry!) 2 days ago, and i have found it very interesting. What this site does is simulate the human vision. Confused? Don’t be. It’s actually very simple. They have a program that analyses an image sent by you, or a website. After the analysing is complete, it […]

Are you man enough to use these products?

Men are more and more worried about their appearance. And today’s women are more attracted to a man that takes care of his appearance. Anthony.com is filling the gap on men’s products. If you are looking for mens skin care, anti ageing products or hair care then you have found the right place to buy […]

Want to break the vault?

Every one likes to make some Money, but most of the time this requires a great deal of work, only a few manage to sit and see their earnings grow. But, you can still try to make some money and still have some fun. Why don’t you try to break the vault? BreakTheVault delivers online […]

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