Time to Kick some one

Well, before i kick someone i have to say that is not what i have expected… I had some problems with my essay that… well… are making me a bit “uncomfortable”, but that is me being light with the situation… to say the truth, “very stressed” is the right term. Me and my friends are […]

MMO Blogs should embrace Bologna Spirit

2 days ago, i was thinking that MMO (make money online) blogs failed to show readers the practical side of Making money online. It was all “talk talk talk”, all theory, and no practical stuff, there is nothing concrete like ” i applied this strategy using these steps and i made xxx amount of bucks!”. […]

Back To action

I finally arrived from holidays and im ready for action. There is lot of work to do. I have almost 500 emails to read and respond, catch up with blog comments and read many articles. This will take me around a day to acomplish, and after that i need to get back to my final […]

Creating a Forum Part 4 – Getting Members

This is the forth part of the creating a forum series. Today we will be focusing in one of hardest parts of building a forum: getting members!!! Most forums will fail if they can’t manage to attract new and active members. So one of the first things a webmaster needs to start thinking is how […]

Off for a few days

First let me say that It seems that feedburner is forgetting to count rss readers from google reader… Again!!! Anyway my friends, it is time for me to take some time to rest and relax, so i will be off for a few days. I need to get some decent tan… 😉 Don’t worry :p […]

Creating a forum part 3 – Choosing a Theme to use

After configuring our forum, the next step is choosing the right theme. One of the things that i like in SMF is the number of free and quality themes around and it is so easy to install them. Now that you are looking for a theme, you must remind yourself that the majority of mods […]

The Top 100 blogs Update

In case you don’t know, almost 2 weeks ago i decided to create a top 100 blog that have up to 1000 Rss subscribers. After this time, i decided to do a little update. Blogs have been added regularly, some submitted by me others sent to my email. We have 63 blogs so far, so […]

Get More With Less

All bloggers in their everyday blogging activity, which involves reading, commenting in other blogs, researching for new material, will eventually write a new post. Now, a common mistake that i see a lot of times, in my opinion, is that some bloggers tend to write big articles. When i say big, i mean 1000+ words […]

Sunday Link Love

Hope you are all having a great weekend and enjoying some nice days on the beach. This was a nice weekend for me, i went out with my friends and we had great night hehe, but now im back for work, i have more than 100 mails to read and respond but im feeling lazy […]

RedEvo News – Free WordPress magazine Template

Well, it has been a while since a talked about one of my favourite topics here at bloggervenue.com. im talking about Free WordPress Magazine | News Templates. WordPress Magazine templates are one of the most searched kind of templates. Sometimes i wonder why all this buzz about magazine templates, but the answer is simple. These […]

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