Small Business Adapts Slowly to New Mobile Banking Services

RateWatch and Simon-Kucher & Partners recently collaborated on a study that examined how today’s small businesses have utilized mobile banking in their daily operations. The study, “Monetizing Mobile Banking for Small Business Customers,” helps to identify the consumer need for further mobile banking solutions that develop value for today’s small businesses. Meanwhile, the data provides […]

In U.S., Higher Education Faces Set of Formidable Challenges in New Year

The difficulties in the higher education field are unlikely to dissipate anytime soon: advancing technology, shifting demographics, declining public funding and a challenging job market. A recent Harvard Institute of Politics survey found that 71 percent of American college students who graduated in 2012 are bound by student-loan debt. Forty-two percent of these students point […]

Paul Savramis Believes in Rising Stars

Paul Savramis founded the Rising Stars organization to provide a year-round solution for young aspiring athletes. But over the years, he’s realized that Rising Stars goes far beyond athletics. For many of the youths Paul Savramis has met and inspired, Rising Stars represents a learning experience, giving them the foundation they needed in education and […]

Dr. William Knudson Discusses Foot Problems

  Dr. William Knudson came to Northern Virginia with twelve years of private practice experience. A graduate of the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Pediatric Medicine, Dr. William Knudson’s expertise in the field of foot health is sought by residents throughout Virginia. Currently practicing at Podiatric Care of Northern Virginia, Dr. William Knudson sees […] Six-Year Winner of Consumers’ Choice Award was recently pleased to be notified that for the sixth straight year, the firm would be the recipient of a Consumers’ Choice Award. To the Dallas-Fort Worth community, this news came as no surprise. In the decade since it was founded, has established itself as a customer-focused mortgage lender with an emphasis on […]

Paramount Financial’s Douglas Andrew Speaks About Retirement

In today’s interview, retirement savings expert Douglas Andrew offers his take on compounded interest and early retirement fund withdrawal.

Traveling to Italy

Kyle Thomas Glasser is a perfect example of what it means to pursue a dream. He has displayed to dozens of multitudes in the world in his short life, the meaning of the word persistence and hope, which are necessary ingredients when you are reaching out for something. His future ambitions and hopes are ultimately to become a professional medical doctor, with the sole aim of serving mankind. He is such an inspiration especially to the folks that are close to him. Apart from inspiring other people, he constantly volunteers his time and skills like going to Central America on medical mission trips.

Blogger Venue Interview with Missed Fortune

Douglas Andrew, the founder of Missed Fortune, has helped many amass wealth through his Laser program. In the Missed Fortune curriculum, Douglas Andrew details how to establish maximum funded tax-advantaged life insurance contracts. Today, the founder of Missed Fortune talks to the staff of Blogger Venue about how a client goes about taking out a loan on his or her money.

Blogger Venue Discusses Physicians Writing Prescriptions for Fruits and Vegetables

As more and more light is being shed on the fact that processed food is partially to blame for the obesity epidemic in the U.S., some doctors across the country are offering patients “prescriptions” for fresh fruits and vegetables. But doctors aren’t only trying to slim the nation down, they are prescribing produce for people with bad cholesterol, depression and high blood pressure too, along with their family, notes Blogger Venue.

What Makes Texas Lending Different

Texas Lending is known as a premier mortgage lender in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, having won the Consumers’ Choice award for five years consecutively. With so many mortgage lenders available, it takes a special company to stand out as Texas Lending does. Today, Texas Lending talks to Blogger Venue about what sets it apart from other mortgage lenders.

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