Small Business Adapts Slowly to New Mobile Banking Services

RateWatch and Simon-Kucher & Partners recently collaborated on a study that examined how today’s small businesses have utilized mobile banking in their daily operations. The study, “Monetizing Mobile Banking for Small Business Customers,” helps to identify the consumer need for further mobile banking solutions that develop value for today’s small businesses. Meanwhile, the data provides […]

In U.S., Higher Education Faces Set of Formidable Challenges in New Year

The difficulties in the higher education field are unlikely to dissipate anytime soon: advancing technology, shifting demographics, declining public funding and a challenging job market. A recent Harvard Institute of Politics survey found that 71 percent of American college students who graduated in 2012 are bound by student-loan debt. Forty-two percent of these students point […]

University of Georgia Bulldogs

Football season is once again fast approaching, sports fans and enthusiasts are all rooting for their preferred teams and favorite players to do well this season. University of Georgia Bulldogs are preparing for a victorious season, with players working hard at training to give spectators a game worth watching. Browsing through the website of Georgia Bulldogs, you’ll have the impression that all those involved at training to come up with another great football season is bent at making the best and pushing towards excellence.


Carlotta Luis on the Challenge of Finding Cheap Fares

Travel consultant Carlotta Luis has been matching travelers with fantastic tourist destinations for years. In her work as a travel consultant, Carlotta Luis gets to know her clientele and meets their unique needs. “As the economy slowly recovers,” says Carlotta Luis, “more people are eager to travel, but cost is still a serious factor.” Carlotta […]

Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz Reviews Rock Climbing Basics

Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz enjoys rock climbing. He explains that rock climbing is a good workout, as well as a test of nerves and coordination. Rock climbing is a great way to stay in shape, says Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, and offers training in problem solving, improvisation – and watching where you step.

On Off Digital World Features Shoot-and-Share HD Video Cameras

On Off Digital World notes that the trend in consumer electronics is for devices to pack more and more features into smaller and smaller bodies. Nowhere is this more obvious, says On Off Digital World, than in the digital video camera market. The latest in digital video cameras, explains On Off Digital World are the […]

Stephen Pitz Supports Fine Arts in Public Schools

Many schools today are considering cutting funds for fine arts departments in order to save money. Aspiring author Stephen Pitz believes that this is not a wise decision. As a former teacher, Stephen Pitz believes that arts and theatre programs are one of the most important parts of education. Students without classes like these would […]

Rene Cardona and the Pre-Owned Aircraft Market

There’s a reason why aviation expert Rene Cardona of Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, Nebraska studies the aircraft market as carefully as he does. As a member of the Aircraft Acquisitions and Consignment Team at Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln facility, Rene Cardona knows, for instance, that 2009 was a pretty tough year — especially in the beginning […]

Best Drug Rehabilitation Promotes Holistic Alcohol and Drug Recovery

Best Drug Rehabilitation treatment centers are committed to a sincere desire to instill in clients a dedication towards an overall healthy way of life. Withdrawing from drugs and detoxifying the body, acknowledges the team of therapists at Best Drug Rehabilitation, can be an arduous process, but it is just the beginning of the rest of […]

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