Viralblogads pre-launch contest

I have been waiting for the launch of ViralBlogAds for some time. Those who use OIOpublisher know already what Viralblogads is, because it is a module built in it. ViralBlogAds is a new PPC company that delivers banner advertsing (125×125 and 468×60 ads) on your blog/site. The process is very simple and fast. Publishers make […]

Creating a forum Part 5 – Recommended mods

This is the 5th part of the creating a forum series. We have covered so far: what script to use, niche and hosting; installation and configuration of the forum; what theme to choose; getting members to the forum; And today we will be focusing on adding mods to our forum. Now that we have members […]

T3leads – A new concept in pay per lead

Affiliate marketing is a very profitable business, and this profitability makes new companies appearing every month. The competition is high and h(w)ealthy (for bloggers hehe), This makes companies hit hard on advertising. That’s what is doing right now. They want to get known on the web and you probably have read about them in […]

Usfreeads failure

More than a month ago i was wondering if USFreeAds was really worth it, and it is time to show you the results. As you can see in the title, my experience was a complete failure. It was a failure indeed. But way? During the month this experiment took place i wrote classified ads according […]

MMO Blogs should embrace Bologna Spirit

2 days ago, i was thinking that MMO (make money online) blogs failed to show readers the practical side of Making money online. It was all “talk talk talk”, all theory, and no practical stuff, there is nothing concrete like ” i applied this strategy using these steps and i made xxx amount of bucks!”. […]

RevResponse – Give free content to your visitors

RevResponse is an CPA network that will help you make money. I have only recently got in touch with them, but i really like the concept. You can make money by giving free content to your visitors. What kind of free content is it? You will be giving free magazines downloads and you will be […]

Best 2008 Webhosts

Although, this is not part of the Creating a forum series, it almost could be included. In that post i told you what were the hosting requirements to get started in the forum business. Today, in what could be “creating a forum Part 1.5″, i will show you a place where you can get cheap […]

Creating a Forum – Part 1: Choosing a Niche, Hosting and Software

Today i will start a series of posts about creating a forum. This is probably one of the long waited posts some bloggervenue readers wanted to see here. I have more than 4 years of experience on creating and managing forums. During these years i have made many mistakes, i have learned many things almost […]

The USFreeAds Experiment – Is it really worth it?

Usfreeads is a site that allows it’s members to get free classified ads, and has been around for 9 years now, and  i have seen tremendous buzz about it around the web since i started blogging, which was over a year now. The buzz about usfreeads is how it will help a common user to […] – Earn up tp $6 cpm

TinyMassive is a new company, launched July 1st if im not mistaken. They are really new but they know what they are doing. Tinymassive is a comparison shopping engine (CSE), similar to shoppingads and widgetbucks. It will show ads from several merchants, relevant  to your site in several typical ad formats.It will display a list […]

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