Payperpost creates real rank

AS you may be aware, google is on a quest to penalyze the page rank from any site, blog that sells links or reviews. Many blogs with a google page rank of 4 went down to one or even 0!!!!! The market is adjusting, and payperpost decided to create REAL RANK. Every blog that has […]

Google adsense changes the clickable are of ads

Google changed the area that users can click in the ads. Now, you can only click on the title or the address. the body not clickable now. (credit for image: Is this any good? well, for advertisers it must be, the acidental clicks ratio will decrease substantially, and what about publishers? where, Tolnetwork, said, […]

Google wants to place ads inside videogames

Google is testing a new platform for the distribution of advertising inside videogames. Google is planning to widen advertising horizons and videogames industry seams to be the new target. In order to accomplish that, google is planning to establish partnerships with videogames advertisers to reach a consent, or to find the best way to implement […]

Shoppingads banning members?

For about a week, the shoppingads ads aren’t appearing on my site. and im not the only one that is happening this. Several webmasters have been complaining the same. iS shopping ads banning publishers? if so, why don’t they send an email letting them know they have been banned? There is no feedback, we still […]

Changing the code directly from google adsense account

Finally, we can change the code directly from google adsense account! I tell you, this is one of the best moves that adsense made. Now it is a lot more simply to edit our codes. No more logging into our hosting account from our multiple websites, looking for the code that we needed to update. […]

Facebook ads

facebook, the well known social network launchs its service “Facebook ads” and becomes an advertising companie also. This could be a response in the alleged interest of Google that wants to buy facebook. The ads will be shown on their network of social users and they offer the advertisers the possibilty of advanced targeting such […]

Pay per post is now izea

I received an email today telling that payperpost is now here it is the mail i received: I am very excited to present our new corporate name and identity, IZEA, Inc. Going forward our company will be known as IZEA, with PayPerPost as its flagship product and other properties including Blogger’s Choice Awards, RockStartup, […]

Subvert and profit – A short review

Last week i’ve told you about subvert and profit and how you could make some money buy digging stories. Well, after a week i’ve earned 3.5$ it’s not bad for digging 5-6 stories at a time. Curiously my subvert and profit hasn’t validated my stumble upon account, i doon’t know why is taking the so […] – Get paid per impression pays you per impression and not per click. They pay you when your account reachs $50 by check. Paypal, unfortunately is not available yet for payment. YOu create a zone, set your price or have it suggested by adsdaq, and put the code on your site(s) and wait for advertisers buy adsdaq some ad […]

Shoopingads changes the layout

Shoopingads finally decided to change their look. Many site owners questioned the layout being the same as auctionads. Today i logged in and saw the new theme… it isn’t great but at least is different from auctioads, although the core engine of the script is the same. After a few days of using the program, […]

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