Dr. Jerry M. Foster: Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood?

Dr. Jerry M. Foster

Most of us old enough to remember – or old enough to admit it – remember Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers.  According to Dr. Jerry M. Foster, those shows had two things in common:  neighbors.  “They both focused on knowing the people in your neighborhood and building a relationship,” recalls Dr. Foster.  For thirty years, Dr. Jerry M. Foster has build relationships with both his medical patients and his Middle Tennessee neighbors.  “To me, it’s fundamental to know your neighbors and serve your neighbors,” explains Dr. Jerry M. Foster.

“So, quoting the old Sesame Street song, who are the people in your neighborhood?” poses Dr. Foster.  For the veteran medical professional the first step is being willing to engage in conversation.  “You have to be willing to place yourself out there and say hello and engage the person across the fence,” explains Dr. Jerry M. Foster. Dr. Foster continues to be amazed by people who have lived in neighborhoods for years and never met the people who live right next to them.  “I don’t understand that,” says Dr. Jerry M. Foster.  According to Foster, the neighborhood watch programs that came out of the late 1970s helped people to again realize the importance of knowing the people on their street.  “We realized all over again what people knew in the 1950s, that it really took a neighborhood of relationships and caring to keep a neighborhood safe,” maintains Dr. Foster.

“And Mr. Rogers was the original neighborhood watch,” laughs Dr. Jerry M. Foster.  He says that Mr. Rogers taught us what it meant to not only know the neighbors, the community, but also serve it.  “I mean think about it, someone was always coming by needing help, knowing that  ‘ole Fred’ would be glad to do something,” explains Dr. Jerry M. Foster.  While this belief may be a natural extension of his Christian faith, Dr. Foster says that it is not enough to just “know the neighbor.”  According to Dr. Jerry M. Foster, he wants to be the kind of neighbor that his fellow citizens can count on at any time.  “Know them and serve them,” concludes Dr. Jerry M. Foster, “and that will create a life well lived.”

Dr. Jerry M. Foster has served his patients for thirty years with distinction and accolade.  Board Certified by the state of Tennessee in Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine, Dr. Jerry M. Foster has demonstrated his vast subject knowledge through several earned degrees.

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