Sigma Alpha Lambda’s Community Oriented Programs

Many people wonder what Sigma Alpha Lambda (???) is and what it stands for. Sigma Alpha Lambda was formed as a National Leadership and Honors Organization aimed at supporting individuals, campus and to serve the community at large. Their main undertaking is to promote members who have acquired academic accomplishment, encourage members to serve and above all nurturing leadership skills.

Garrett Hoelscher | From Snow Caps to Dugouts

Blogger Venue speaks to Garrett Hoelscher about how chance meetings can change lives.

Blogger Venue: Thank for joining Blogger Venue today. We understand that you had a rather unique experience while working in Aspen, Colorado?

Garrett Hoelscher: You might say it was a once in a lifetime encounter.

Markus Lattner | The Joy of Fresh Baked Bread

Markus Lattner believes that when done correctly, fresh baked bread can be artistry. The agriculture improvement specialist recalls fondly the trips he and his cousins would make by bike at three in the morning as children. They’d bike all the way to the nearest bakery in his Austrian hometown and load up on hot bread, straight out of the oven. As an adult, Markus Lattner has spent years trying to recapture the delicious, melt-in-your-mouth taste of that early baked bread.

Pierre Bennett Global Vacations Suggests the Best Spots in the Virgin Islands

Pierre Bennett Global Vacations suggests that club members consider visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands on their next vacation. These island gems have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and are just awaiting visitors, says the team at Pierre Bennett Global Vacations. What family wouldn’t want to learn to snorkel together and dine […]

Douglas Battista Says South America Has it All

Travel enthusiast Douglas Battista sat down recently with Blogger Venue to talk about his favorite destinations.

Blogger Venue: Douglas Battista, thank you for joining us this afternoon. With summer approaching, people are looking for unique travel destinations. Do you have any insights that we can share with our readers?

Steven Delarge Discusses Time Management

Steven Delarge knows that today’s businessperson has many demands on his or her time. Many executives wish for twenty-five or more hours in the day, but unfortunately that isn’t a possibility. In this brief article, Steven Delarge advises time-stressed businesspeople to learn to make the most of the twenty-four hours they have.

While many other experienced professionals recommend such things as to-do lists and setting priorities, these tasks are only as valuable as the person making them. Unfortunately, some people have personalities that aren’t conducive to this kind of organization. For those who tend to procrastinate or suffer from an inability to prioritize, Steven Delarge has these tips:

James Stuckey | Waterfront Development in NYC

  James Stuckey says that the limited waterfront area available in NYC should be accessible to residents and tourists alike. Pointing to a number of special waterfront regulations, James Stuckey says that the city is making great efforts to ensure fairness to both landowners and the general public. According to James Stuckey, the NYC Department […]

Ian Woodman, Idaho Businessman, Offers His Bucket List of Vacation Destinations

Ian Woodman, Idaho resident, has had the opportunity to travel the globe for both business and pleasure over the years. But for Ian Woodman, Idaho ’s rugged landscape provides breathtaking beauty that could keep him happy for years. However, when Ian Woodman’s Idaho business tax season slows down, he enjoys visiting other parts of the world. He has already identified his “bucket list” of destinations. These include:

Apostle Pierre Bennett: Why Samson Was Betrayed by Delilah

Apostle Pierre Bennett has seen many pitfalls over the course of his life. After beginning his career as a military serviceman, Apostle Pierre Bennett worked in sales, eventually opening his own resort travel club business. But his true calling has been pastoring God’s Luv International Ministries Church, which he founded in 2008.

Instant Tax Solutions Ratings and Reviews Team | Common Tax Issues and How to Avoid Them

Post Falls, Idaho tax debt service provider Instant Tax Solutions offers ratings and reviews of some of the biggest tax mistakes that can lead to IRS action. In this interview, the Instant Tax Solutions Ratings and Reviews Team speaks with Blogger Venue about filing and making payments to the IRS.

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