MMO Blogs should embrace Bologna Spirit

2 days ago, i was thinking that MMO (make money online) blogs failed to show readers the practical side of Making money online. It was all “talk talk talk”, all theory, and no practical stuff, there is nothing concrete like ” i applied this strategy using these steps and i made xxx amount of bucks!”. […]

Countdown to holidays

Wow, almost 6 days without publishing anything here at the blog! I don’t like to do this but my situation demands it. It is the final week of my internship at the health centre and a project that i am doing for the internship is taking longer than i expected, although i am at the […]

Stylish Design

Besides the Making money niches (most know as MMO blogs) there are other kinds of blogs we should read, one of these blogs is Stylish Design, which is a Web design blog. Stylish design is a blog run by Robert and Andrei that focus on web designing and related stuff to that subject. You can […]

I have bought BuildaNicheStore!

I decided it was time to spend some of the money earned and went on a “buying spree” this month! So. if i look at my earning stats this month they are in the deep red! ouch! But you know, in order to make money, you have to spend some. SO what i have done […]

Ad Auction Network –

A few days ago i stumbled with an interesting site called This site is an auction site specialized in selling advertinsing for your blogs (but not only that!). If you know ebay, than all that was said about ebay its in except is a niche auction site. What can you do there: […]

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