Upgrading to WordPress 2.5? Read this first!

This Saturday, the first stable wordpress 2.5 was finally released. After some delays and two beta release candidates, wordpress as reached another new level. I could mention the new features that come with the new version, and how awesome the new control panel was, but i won’t do that. First, im not in the mood […]

Showing Top Commentators

I have recently installed the plugin Show Top Commentators. I have configured this plugin to show the top 5 commentators of the month for now. This is another cool tool to stimulate blog participation by visitors. Besides the do follow link on the comment, you will get featured on the plugin if you manage to […]

Sell ads on your blog with OIOpublisher

Last week, during my scarce free time i decided to search for a wordpress plugin that could manage my ad sales on this blog in an almost automated way. I found a couple of them but none gave me exactly what i wanted. So, i decided to invest some money to buy a tool for […]